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Fitur Modul Digital Menu & Katalog

Features in Digital Menu & catalog:

  1. Generate QR code for any business location.
  2. Download the QR code as an image. Use this QR code image in posters or table stands
  3. Pick a color for QR code as per business brand color.
  4. On scanning QR code it shows the menu, grouped by categories.
  5. The menu is displayed in a beautiful way, which is responsive & looks beautiful in mobile & tablets.
  6. The menu shows Product images, price, SKU, description, discounts & offers are shown in a beautiful way.

With this module, UltimatePOS businesses can easily share the Menu (in Restaurants) or Product Catalogues to customers without any contact.

  1. Customer comes to shop & scan the QR code.
  2. The QR code takes them to a link where she can view all the products directly on her mobile phone.


  1. No physical contact with the menu & products.
  2. No dirty menu & products: This avoids the dirty menu may get contaminated with viruses. Removing the risk of contamination
  3. No wait time for the waiter to give menu or salesperson to show products. Simply put the QR code in every table & display.
  4. Unlimited sharing, as compared to the physical menu which can be shared with limited customers.
  5. Detailed Information: Customers view all products with its price, brands, Images, all different variations, category, description, special offers/discounts, and much more information.
  6. Update your menus easily in real-time
  7. No need for customers to download apps
  8. Easy to adapt.

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